Holiday Greetings (From 2018 Comic Book Movies)

By Aaron Russell


Cashmas will be here soon. It’s crunch-time for purchasing forgettable memories. But not to worry, PopLurker has you covered. We’re giving away forgettable stuff FOR FREE. If you can’t think of a good piece of molded plastic to get that special someone, why not give them the thought that doesn’t count? And nothing says “doesn’t count” like a holiday card or greeting.

We covered this territory with our Suicide Squad Valentine’s Day Greetings. And if you hated that, please move on to the next article and be secure with that molded piece of plastic with free shipping. But if you’re down like a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, feel free to take one of these and give it to that special geek in your life. This batch focuses on the major comic book movies of 2018.

Save ‘em, print ‘em, stick ‘em in a shoe. But for the love of sweet Christmas, don’t be a cheapskate. Use cardstock like a grownup.

AntManXMasAquamanXMasBlackPantherXMasDeadpoolXMasHoliday Card Template Awesome Christmas Card Template Simple CarTeenTitansXMasThanosXMasVenomXMas

Merry Happy Everything!


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