Top 10 Most Awesome Bathtub Scenes From TV and Movies

There are many deep and important scenes from TV and film that surprisingly take place in bathtubs. From romantic moments (wet, juicy, splooshy) to character development (see how dangerous I am even just naked in this tub?), bath tubs are a great place to laugh, make arrangements to kill someone, sing, or die.

But we’re Lurkers. So we have to keep it weird.

And while there are other lists online that discuss scenes that take place in the tub, the reason those scenes make those lists are so…pretentious and important. Like it’s the scene that matters instead of the imagery. No! That’s not how we do it! Bad corpse, bad corpse! Stop scaring Smithers! All right, where were we? Ah, yes. So, today on PopLurker, we’re counting down our favorite pop culture scenes that take place in the bath tub!


1) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


This shot of Dead Raphael in the bath is honestly the funniest shot from most movies in the world. It’s supposed to be this harrowing, important moment where we, the viewer, are unsure whether Raph is dead or not. Leonardo watches over his brother, tired, concerned, and broken hearted. But it’s just so freakin’ stupid looking! Like someone just tossed the turtle suit into the tub, zero fucks given. Eventually, Raph wakes up and comedy ensues when he needs some food.

Even the resurection is more ridiculous than meaningful, but whatever. Pizza turtles.


2) Billy Madison 

Billy Madison and the battle of the hair care products. This back and forth is honestly what all fights in the comments section look like. In a way, this bath tub discussion is ahead of its time. But in a more literal sense, this is what all of us who grew up in the 90s sound like. Freakin’ dumb. And if you don’t hear at least one drunk person in a bar yell “Stop looking at me, Swan!” at least once in your lifetime, you may want to consider keeping different company.


3) Encino Man

Move over, Sailor Moon– Link in the bathtub is officially the best transformation sequence in that ever happened. Or would it count more as a makeover scene? No, let’s stick with transformation scene. Not only is Encino Man heralded as a PopLurker favorite (all of our writers scream AAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWW for a reason) but it’s just a great film! Brendan Fraser is at his yummiest, Pauly Shore is at his funniest, and Sean Astin is post puberty in his first hit since The Goonies. There’s just no losing here!


4) Pleasantville 

Mom masturbating in the bathtub was the best scene in Pleasantville short of knowing we got to have sex with young Paul Walker, hands down. Not only do we get to know that her hot, slick center made a tree burst into flames with its insatiable lust, but this scene was especially fun to watch in a room full of your classmates when teachers put on a ‘smart, educational film’ during rainy days in high school.


5) The Shape of Water 

The Shape of Water was a fantastic film, using the word film in the literal sense. It was artistic, beautifully written, breathtakingly shot and composed. If you haven’t seen it, the movie is stunning and plays out quite literally like…well…a play. It looks like a stage show and feels like something from the noir era. There’s so much gorgeous imagery and magic in this film, but the Lurker in us all feel that giddy, tingly buildup to the bathtub scene (which quickly turns into the bathroom scene) where, uh huh huh huh…

She’s totally going to bone that fish-dude.


That’s the call of the climaxing wild.


6) IT

You’re a wuss, Stan! A wuss! Everyone else saw the damn clown! Why couldn’t you hang, you crybaby? Stan, there’s like five of us Jewish kids allotted into movies every year. Why did you have to represent us like whiny-shit crybabies? Who couldn’t you just stay alive a little longer and not made us out to be pant-pissers? Now, the next time there’s a monster in the room, everyone is going to turn to their Jewish friend and say “Why don’t you just get into the bathtub and Stan yourself, loser?” AND THEY WON’T BE WRONG! 

So, if there’s a new tub scene in the 2019 rendition of IT: Chapter 2, maybe the director will provide some fan service and let Bill Skarsgard slip into the tub with Stan so we can see that sweet action in place. We all want to see that, right?

Oh…just us?



7) Breaking Bad

‘The house is settling’ is the early Breaking Bad quote of the decade. This fantastic bathtub scene sets the stage for the ongoing battle between the power struggle between Jesse and Walter. You have this thug dude who melts a dead guy in a tub, but didn’t listen to Walter’s instructions and put him in a non-reactive plastic container. Probably because he deemed Walter this square-ass loser teacher. Then you have this man who is inherently more twisted and dark than the viewer realizes, yet we were learn throughout his spiral on the show. At this point in the show, we’re led to believe that a poor, sick man has cancer and just wants to make money for his family. Oh, we’re all just so wrong. But if nothing else…

This bathtub scene kicks ass.


8) Nightmare on Elm St.

This scene from A Nightmare on Elm Street has graced many, many internet countdowns about bathtub scenes. But for us here at PopLurker (and we’re very big Freddy fans), there are two standout moments to this scene. First, the fact that Nancy turns into a hot woman with luscious sweet cans once she’s pulled down into that dark, silent underwater murder chamber in the tub. And second…

Do you see how mom the lush picks that lock like a fucking boss?! Why don’t we talk about that more?! What is the ratio of people who can pick locks like that? That’s amazing! Give me a prequel starring hot, young mom picking locks and causing trouble!

Instant Fan Theory: Freddy is going after Nancy because her mom was his former running mate and he’s getting his revenge on her. Oh my god, that would be sooooo sexy.


9) Mirrors

Mirrors was an American remake of a Korean film with the same name. Do you remember the Asian Horror boom from around 2002-2008? This movie was part of that same movement, coming in a little on the late side. It wasn’t that great, it was only partly memorable, but this bathtub scene was the one they used in the trailers to more or less advertise and tease the entire movie.

And it’s fuck-terrifying.

Honestly, they could have remade the entire film into an eight minute short ending with this scene and it would have been a horror masterpiece. They could have introduced the premised of murderous reflections, done some brief character introductions, discussed a tiny conflict, and leave it unresolved with this gruesome scene. Either way, this bathtub scene starring the character playing Kiefer Sutherland’s sister is the highlight of the film.


10) The Shining

The bathtub scene from The Shining is another one that often makes bathtub scene countdowns across the internet. But as Lurkers, we have a little bit of a different point of view here. All right, so yes, this scene is terrifying in and of itself because the old lady is scary. She floats up out of the tub, exits said bathtub, and starts lurching after Jack Nicholson. Spooktastic! But one of the things that make this scene so impactful is that it’s the most terrible thing possible, followed by probably the best thing that ever could have happened to someone. Which is this naked, glorious woman, posing for your viewing pleasure, and wanting to make out with you.

And then she disappears.

That. SUCKS.

There’s endless examination around The Shining. I mean, it’s old, it’s Stephen King, and it’s Stanley Kubrick. It’s a bunch of awesome and wild mixed up together. I’ve heard people debate on who the antagonist in this film truly is. Is it the hotel? Is it the ghosts haunting it? Is it Shelley Duvall for not recognizing the signs that her husband is a loon?

I’d respectfully argue that it’s the man making this leering face while looking at my naked body getting out of the tub.

Screenshot 2018-12-17 08.04.38.png

*dry heaves*

But hey…good tub scene, right?





Hello, Victoria Silvstedt, Playmate of the year!

Throbbing cock.




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