Dear Hasbro: Heck Yes We Want a ‘Soul of The Dragon’ TV Series Starring Jason David Frank

Today on Instagram, beloved Power Rangers actor Jason David Frank put a spectacular idea into the ether. The proposed notion? To turn the Soul of the Dragon comic book into an actual live-action show.

And to this we say…

Heck flippin’ yes.

It’s no secret that the Power Rangers fandom is starved for some more hyper-turbo-aged-up content. Between the original Mighty Morphin’ comic book series from Boom! (plus the amazing Shattered Grid and Soul of the Dragon) it’s not only clear that we fans are ready for a new breath and take on the show, but clearly no one else could lead this army better than Jason David Frank.


It seemed like we were so close when the live action Shattered Grid short debuted on YouTube. Be it a film to try to sell Netflix on the idea of a series, or perhaps an actual pilot, it seems like the amazing dramatic piece starring Frank as the menacing Lord Drakkon may have fallen apart due to timing. The Power Rangers license was changing hands from Saban over to Hasbro, which may have had an affect on the possibility of a live action, geared up series starring JDF as Lord Drakkon.

Because really– between the 2.3 million views on this masterpiece, plus the fact that it’s excellently shot, we all know that the reason Shattered Grid wasn’t produced had nothing to do with a lack of fan interest!

Sure, we admit it– as Power Rangers fans, we want to see more content. We want to see what Hasbro could bring to the table that’s different from what the Saban team brought. (And we could talk about those brief Disney years, but that’s a conversation for another article!) But what stands as fact is that the Power Rangers fandom loves JDF! If you’ve never seen him in action with fans, the man is a mensch. He’s charismatic, kind, energetic, and he sincerely loves what he does. Plus, he’s one half of the newest venture in traveling Power Rangers fan conventions, the excitedly awaited Power Morphicon Express show, coming April 6-7 2019 in Pasadena, Texas! (Which we totally cant wait for!)


Plus, if you recall our article from earlier this month, that love for Power Rangers runs deep in the family. And you know the day Hasbro decides to hire JDF’s daughter Jenna Rae Frank as a Power Ranger (Red Ranger, please!) we’re all going to be right there cheering her on.

So please, Hasbro– we beseech, implore, and beg of thee. Don’t let another Shattered Grid moment pass. It’s time to elevate Power Rangers to the next level. Give the fans a new, exciting, and perhaps a little darker world to play in.


Because really– it’s time to give Tommy back the keys to the Megazord.


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