Talking Music: Nothin’ to Lose by KISS

As seasoned PopLurker readers are aware, we are HUGE fans of the band KISS over here. And if you didn’t know that already, go take a spin through our Music archive and see how many times they pop up in our articles and countdowns.

Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Welcome back.

But right now, I want to discuss them in a different capacity. I actually want to do a deep dive into one very specific song called Nothin’ to Lose. The one from their original 1974 self-titled debut album that is unapologetically about well…the back door.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. The song is about anal sex.

That’s not what we’re going to discuss here today. KISS fans have known forever that the song is about the Butt Sex, and Gene has discussed it openly. The song is about Gene coercing his reluctant girlfriend into trying anal sex and to her surprise, she enjoys it. Great, everyone is happy. Below is the song for the uninitiated.



The song failed the charts, and according to the Wikipedia (which isn’t an academic source, but we’re not an academic publication, so who gives a fuck) the song was supposed to be their first single off the album. Which is funny, because Strutter and Deuce are there, so hell yeah.

The point is this– when discussing the imagery and meaning of this song, we forge to acknowledge a certain thing that is very present within the song. A woman is being coerced into anal sex (initially) against her will…

…and there are three men singing…

Nothin’ to lose here.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that when I was an early KISS listener, there were times when I got Paul and Peter’s voices mixed up. Almost never Gene and Paul. So, if I’m wrong in this analysis (hehehehe), sue me. But from what I’m hearing in the song, Gene takes the first verse. Paul chimes in second. And Peter brings in home with the chorus.


Before I had a baby
I didn’t care anyway
I thought about the back door
I didn’t know what to say


But once I got a baby
I, I tried every way
She didn’t wanna do it
But she did anyway


But baby please don’t refuse
You know you got nothin’ to lose


You got nothin’ to lose
You got, got nothin’ to lose, well nothin’
You got, got nothin’ to lose, yeah baby
You got, got nothin’ to lose
You got, got nothin’ to lose, you g-g-g-g-got nothin’
You got, got nothin’ to lose, well come on mama
You got, got nothin’ to lose, yeah shake your
You got, got
You got, you got, you got nothin’ to lose


So, second verse, same as the first, only now the girl in question is celebrating her newly found love of anal sex. And now that you’re acquainted with the song…

You get to know what goes through my head every time the song plays.

Picture it. A hotel after a KISS concert. A woman goes up there with all four larger than life characters, wondering if perhaps she’s going to have a little fun with the entire band. They surround her. Eyes wide, she falls back onto the bed and shimmies backward up toward the top of the pillow. Gene asks her if she’s DTF. She nods, agreeing that getting it from the whole band in 1974 is a once in a lifetime opportunity. After all, it’ll only be 1974 once, right? With the makeup still on and a grin on his face, Gene asks if she’s down for the backdoor. She gasps, as it is the 70s and sexual liberation is only new on society’s horizon. She shakes her head and manages to creek out a small ‘No’ from between her nervous lips.

Gene looks at his fellow bandmates and sighs. Then, he perks up, shrugs and says ‘Hit it!’

Ace nods, walks over to a radio, clicks it on, and takes a seat in an armchair. He’ll watch, but he’s not part of this party.


Ace, you sexy, sexy voyeur, you.

Alas, Nothin’ to Lose cues up as Gene, Paul, and Peter give each other a determined look. The girl grips the crisp, bleach scented white cotton sheets entangled in her cautious, girlish fingers. And yet…they have her attention.

Gene sings his piece. Paul sings his piece. And Peter signs the verbal contract, reeling the hesitant woman into the bone-zone where she loses all inhibitions and lets them all stick it in her butt while she yowls with pleasure, writhes with delight, and follows Peter’s instructions to ‘Shake it, shake it, Mama! You’re a sweet thing!’ 

There– that’s my disturbing imagery. Now you have to know it too. And yes, in my head Ace is watching. Maybe jerkin’ it, I don’t know. Definitely swigging from a bottle, because you know…Ace circa 1974.


I guess that’s it– now you know everything. My final thought really is why does Peter tell her to shake it, shake it, while she’s getting it in the butt? What sort of strange scene is happening here between this woman and the three men singing their way into her rump? Again, anal sex is all well and fine. If all parties involved are of legal age and consent to acts, the sky is the limit. I maintain that in every piece I write. But there’s just something, something extra, that with this particular butt song just never sat right with me. And truthfully, if I didn’t know it was about the Butt Sex, this would just sound like a classic rock and roll song diddy about a dancing lady!

Oh yeah, she’s dancing all right. Doing the best dance there is.

The Condom Collide.


All right, let’s go home now.


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  1. LOL I freaking love this. I don’t even know how I ended up here (kidding, I do know. I was listening to it and singing along out loud). Kiss is EVERYTHING!!

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