Artist Jay Sullivan Creates G.I. Joe Inspired Art Exclusively for Emerald City Comic Con

Jay Sullivan is a friend of mine. He’s been in an array of Buddy Shots with me, I interviewed him at the G.I. Joe Show last year, and we are both members of CAPS, the Comic Art Professional Society.



He’s also one bad ass artist.

Just in time for Emerald City Comic Con, Jay Sullivan is teaming up with Yo Joe Depot to do a line of exclusive variant covers. Check out all the information below, and start collecting his art now!

If you want to get your hands on these or any of Jay’s other art, hit him up through Facebook.

From Jay’s Original Post:

Our very first cover together between me and Joe Depot will be for GI Joe! This cover is an EMERALD CITY COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVE and limited to just 250 copies for the show.
50 of the copies will be sold as a limited signed and numbered set with a 16×24 Lithograph of the cover.

There’s something else very cool to talk about… This will be the very first GI Joe cover that is “landscape”! Yep, this “Charlie’s Angels” homage on GI Joe: Sierra Muerte #2 is printed on the cover sideways to preserve the original aspect ratio of my art!

I’m very excited to get this into the hands of GI Joe Fans everywhere!

Can’t make it to Emerald City Comic-Con? Don’t worry. We’re going to be taking orders for a limited amount of copies for those who cannot attend. You’ll be able to place an order directly through me or through the Yo Joe Depot Facebook page. All variants and Lithos will be shipped by Yo Joe Depot shortly following ECCC.

I want to thank Jay, Erin and all of you for your support. It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but I’m glad I can finally share this happy news with all of you.

Here’s the breakdown of the options available:
Individual Variant Issue of GI Joe: Sierra Muerte #2 (with or without signature): $20
Signed and Numbered Variant & Lithograph Set (Limit 2 per person): $40

If you would like to order, send me a PM and I can invoice you or visit the Yo Joe Depot Facebook Page.

Thanks again,

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