5 Times The Robot Got Naked

While some of pop culture’s android and cyborg characters exist to be exploited in the nude, many of them save the exposed peeks for special occasions. Sure, you have Franky from One Piece whose cyborg chest is constantly showing. We have Bloodberry from Saber Marrionette, whose robot tits are the nips-end of many jokes. Hell, we have Astro Boy who literally exists in his underpants. But what about those random flashes from pop culture’s favorite robots who just for a moment forgot to keep their clothes on? Those are the characters we’re discussing today! So join me, your friendly neighborhood garbage person as we count down the top five times the robot got naked!


5) Cutey Honey

Naked Robots_Cutie Honey.png

Go Nagai is revered for the creation of his incredible 1973 giant Machinder robot, Mazinger Z. And rightfully so– Mazinger is one of the coolest looking creations in the world. While the robo-beast kicks it in his chonies on the regular, there’s a different robotic Go Nagai creation whose nudity we need to discuss. That’s right– soldier of love, Cutey Honey.

The best part about Cutey Honey’s nudity is that it’s not exploitative– she has complete agency. And whereas fans of magical girl anime may laugh and say “She’s naked during her transformation sequence!”, my response to that is, “No…Cutey Honey is naked during her transformation sequence.” In all of her thick-thighed, warrior babe, changing to disguise herself as different things to solve the case robotic majesty.


4) Tom Servo

Naked Robots_Tom Servo

Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans remember everything. Every riff, every joke, every host segment…

And every bit of robot nudity.

From the season five episode ‘I Accuse My Parents’, the open host segment prologue features Tom Servo is struck with Pinocchio Syndrome and his wish of becoming a real boy….sort of….comes true. Mazel Tov!

With the aid of some pink paint, Tom Servo is proclaimed naked by a confused Joel who drops an unforgettable “The hell?! Tom Servo, you’re naked!”  Frogs, snails, and puppy dog’s tails, THAT’S WHAT TOMMY’S MADE OF!


3) C3PO 

Naked Robots_C3po.png

I realize there are few ‘fans’ of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, but it’s worth mentioning that C3PO spends the entire movie in the buff. With his eyes wide with wonder and his wires exposed, nine year old Anakin’s casual refurbishing project (yeah, totally believable, right?) has no qualms about flashing his inner workings to the audience for 90-whatever minutes. However, from Episode II and beyond, C3PO is donning his trademark golden fancy-pants.


2) Evangelion Unit 01

Naked Robots_Evangelion.jpg

All right, so this might be a toy and not from an episode of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, but that doesn’t change the fact that Eva Unit 01 is in his birthday suit. Sure, you could make the argument that he is invisible here, but I’m making the case that we’re just seeing Eva Unit 01’s endo-skeleton. Like a rolly-polly before the shell forms, or something. All clear and see through and ready for that sick purple and green armor to just slide right on. That said, I recently had a very interesting discussion on Facebook by a gentleman who states ‘Evangelion are just naked Gundam, fight me’. And by discussion, I mean I rolled by eyes and turned notifications off on that post.


1) Kryten


That’s right, ladies and gentlemen of the Red Dwarf fandom– Kryten got naked, too. The kicker here, is that this image above is from a deleted scene from the series four episode “Marooned”. Kryten is seen without his usual coverings, resulting in a pinkish flesh toned that can only be described in one word– naked.

Naked Kryten.jpg

This Naked Kryten, while not widely used, is still popular enough that the costume is displayed in online prop shops. Sure, those stores will tell you that this is the actual costume worn by Red Dwarf actor Robert Llewellyn, but to me, it’s not a suit. It’s simply the glory of seeing a naked robot in his final form.

Naked Kryten_crotch.jpg
Final. Fucking. Form.

Although if Caprica Six from the early 2000s remake of Battlestar Galactica wanted to like…you know…get into her final form…


No one over here ogling robots would have any problem with that.


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