TOON-CON 2019 Showcases Voice Talent, Animators, and Artists from the Golden Age to the Present!

Toon-Con, the brand-new cartoon and animation centered convention, is coming to the Pasadena Convention Center. While other animation conferences and expos exist, Toon-Con is the first of its kind that truly belongs to everyone—fans and industry alike. This one-day event will take place Sunday, November 10th 2019 and will celebrate the artists, creators, and voice actors that make our favorite cartoons and animated films come to life.

Toon-Con will boast two panel rooms with a full programming schedule. Back to back Q&A sessions and high-energy industry panels will take place so that fans of American animation and cartoons can hear hilarious stories about cartoon creation from the people who bring them to life. In addition to the full programming schedule, Toon-Con will have games, activities, and a cosplay contest.

The guest list at Toon-Con is full and spectacular, with tons of amazing talent announced and more on the way weekly. Guests include:

Voice Actor Jim Cummings

Voice Actor Terry McGoverns

Show Creator Butch Hartman of Fairly Odd Parents, Danny Phantom, and T.U.F.F Puppy

Artist Scott Shaw!

Cartoon Writer Buzz Dixon

Voice Actor Robbie Daymond

Voice Actor Eric Bauza

Voice Actress Renee Jacobs

Megas XLR Reunion Panel by Titmouse

Darkwing Duck Reunion Panel

Breadwinners Reunion Panel

And more to come!

Floyd Norman 1.jpg

It is also Toon-Con’s immense pleasure to announce that cartoon legend and the first African American animator Floyd Norman will have a very special three hour signing session from 12pm-3pm at the show on Sunday November 10th, 2019. Mr. Norman will be selling original art, sketches, and water colors for the show. He will also be signing and taking picture with fans. Prices for this very special event will be posted to the official Toon-Con website.

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About Toon-Con:

Toon-Con is a joint effort between business partners, buddies, and convention promoters Scott Zillner and Loryn Stone. The two of them are no strangers to the convention scene and have worked in every conceivable role from vendor relations, guest outreach, press and media management, programming director, social media and promotions, up to volunteer coordination.

Toon-Con is a labor of love from two convention lifers who want to see animation from all genres and eras get the love and celebration it deserves. From the Golden Age of animation to the present, these two will make sure it is celebrated at Toon-Con! 

In addition to working conventions together, Loryn and Scott are the respective Editor-in-Chief and owner of the successful toy news website Toy Wizards. Scott’s other shows include Pasadena Comic Con, Sac Toy Con, Power Morphicon, Power Morphicon Express, Robo Toy Fest, and Japan World Heroes. Other shows in their portfolio include Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest, with new projects and shows in the pipeline daily.

You can contact Loryn or Scott at: – They are available now for interviews or to be podcast guests to discuss Toon-Con, Toy Wizards, or any other show in their portfolio.



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