Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest Brings the Fun of Toy Collecting and Convention Culture to East Ventura County

Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest, a brand-new pop culture and toy show, has found a home in Simi Valley, California. The full-day celebration of comic books, action figures, toy collecting, memorabilia, and more will take place at the Grand Vista Hotel on Sunday February 9th, 2020.

While humble in size, Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest has no shortage of activities and family fun! The show will boast a full panel room with all day programming, a game room for tabletop enthusiasts and CCG card gamers to socialize and play, a kid’s activity area, artist alley tables, and a vendor hall with celebrity guests. The entire day will culminate with a Cosplay Contest, so attendees should wear their best costumes!

Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest is proud to announce that our game room is sponsored by board game giant and publisher Ravensburger, from whom we’ve received games for attendees to play! Guest announcements and panel/programming information will be released closer to the show date.

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Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest is a female owned and operated event, the brain child of internet columnist and entrepreneur Loryn Stone. She is one half of Troublemakers Services, a group that owns and manages a portfolio of conventions and expos across California. Stone has two more single-day pop culture event coming to Ventura County, one in Ventura proper Spring 2020, and Megabit Game Expo at the Grand Vista Hotel on Sunday September 13th, 2020.

“I feel like there is a hole in the pop culture event space within Ventura County,” Loryn Stone says. “There are so many great hobby stores, card shops, meet up groups, and comic book stores where their customers would love to be able to stay local and have a full day of fun immersed in nerd-culture. I worked in Simi Valley for years, and some of my family still lives out there. It’s a really great town with a strong sense of pride and culture, and I’ve just thought for a while that it would be so nice for the area to have a pop culture event and toy show to call their own! And with Megabit Game Expo coming in September 2020, Simi Valley has two events right off the bat!”

To keep up to date with all things Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest or Megabit Game Expo, you can follow the shows all over the internet.

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About Troublemakers Services:

Troublemakers Services is a joint effort between business partners, buddies, and convention royalty Scott Zillner and Loryn Stone. Between the original Neoscott Productions and PopLurker, once the two joined forces they increased the numbers of shows in their mutual portfolios quickly. The choice became clear to organize and combine their endeavors into a singular resource.

Between the two of them, Scott and Loryn have worked in every conceivable role in the convention world from show runner and promoter, vendor relations, guest outreach, press and media management, programming director, social media and advertising, up to volunteer coordination and staffing.

Troublemakers Services is a portfolio of conventions/expos, entertainment websites, toy store, and a full service convention management agency.

Loryn and Scott are the respective Editor-in-Chief and owner of the successful toy news website Toy Wizards. Within that network, PopLurker is still running strong. Scott is also the owner of Planet X Toys, which is not only the name of his booth when he exhibits at conventions, but also his online toy store where his merchandise is sold.

Troublemakers Services additionally functions as Troublemakers Convention Management Agency, which is a service that helps festival/convention/expo owners build and run their shows. You will find a full menu of customized convention services to help build and manage your show, and give all attendees and vendors a truly awe-inspiring experience.

You can contact Troublemakers Services at:


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