25 Things About Sailor Moon That Make Fans Cringe

Sailor Moon: A classic anime and manga series that has stood the test of time and is now revered (deservingly) for the way it broke ground on a technical, story driven, and character level. There is so much to love about the series/franchise, and it goes without saying that if you’re a devoted Moonie, you know how significantly Sailor Moon changed your life.

But within the conversation surrounding love and devotion, it’s only natural to get a little critical– you can’t love everything about every show/manga, right? We here at PopLurker took a survey on Facebook and Twitter to see what you can’t stand about Sailor Moon. So today, we are counting down 25 things about Sailor Moon that makes fans cringe!


25) The Costumes


“It’s one of those things that you can’t really discuss in the fan community, but I really detest the Sailor Senshi costumes, other than the Starlights which are great. The bows, heart shaped buttons, the rolled sleeves, and hip rolls are so unattractive to me. I’m way more into warrior bodice style costumes and garters, like Wedding Peach’s. Not that the concept art was much better, where each girl had her own unique costume.”


24) Japanese Erasure and Changed Relationships


The dubbed versions. I just can’t stand that Americanized voice acting. And why did the original American dub change so much about the Japanese culture and characters? And changing all of the queer relationships into incestuous ones or heterosexual ones? What were they afraid of?”


23) From Sexy and Passionate to Chaste and Awkward


“Mamoru in the first series. He’s such an ass, and it never seems like he actually likes Usagi, unlike the Usagi/Mamoru relationship in the manga, which is beautiful, romantic, sexual, and perfect.”


22) Oh, the beach or a festival again, huh?


“I just don’t like some of the filler episodes. Everyone acting like OMG YOU LOOK SO DIFFERENT when they meet in person when not being senshi…no you fucking don’t! A lot of the filler episodes are really dumb, especially in the first few seasons.”


21) Yes, convince us of these important moments with your flat, smeared face


“It’s worth repeating: I hate the way the animation would cheap out and go flat-eyed in some of the filler episodes.”


20) Pink Sugar Snark Attack


“Chibiusa! English or Japanese version I just can’t stand her. She shouldn’t have been there past R. She’s a bit too annoying. Had they aged her up just a bit more, say about 10-11, it would have worked better. Her horning in on so much of the plot was eyerolling. and why does Chibiusa and her “sugar energy” dominate the entire 3rd movie? Thank goodness for Sailor Neptune making that awesome sex joke and making Uranus blush, otherwise we’d have nothing to look forward to.”


19) Nailed it.

maxresdefault (1)

“Irwin Toys really saw the character designs, saw what Sailor Moon dolls in Japan and Italy looked like, made those first wave of Frog-Faced Sailor Moon dolls, nodded and said “Yes, nailed it.””


18) Sailor Chibi Shape Shifter


“I hated the final season changing Chibi Chibi and ignoring Sailor Cosmos and the Chaos Cauldron. Chibi Chibi was a sweet alternative to the constant screaming insanity that was Chibiusa, but by turning the plot inside out like that she became the Baby Yoda of the Sailor Moon franchise.”


17) Sailor Mess of Primary Colors


“I hate Eternal Sailor Moon’s dumb puffy sleeves and dumb wings. There, I finally said it!”


16) Goes from cringe to vomit real quick

“The Chibiusa up-skirt shots ALWAYS made me cringe and NOT in a good way.


15) Neru, neru…


“The early episodes of S are really cringeworthy because they just haaaaad to put the star insignias in “sexy” places.”


14) But…but…it’s FAITHFUL TO THE MANG….*vomits*

Sailor Moon Crystal Season 3 Cast

“Sailor Moon Crystal is visually unappealing and flattens all the other scouts for the sake of the Miracle Romance (and making ALL the girls into reincarnation romances with the generals is cheapening). In general, 90s>manga>crystal.”


13) *Insert pure crystal star mirror dream seed episode here*

unnamed (1)

“There are some episodes that they just phoned in and/or are complete mind melting crap. See Ami’s SuperS dream mirror episode.”


12) Does anyone else here feel dirty?


I don’t like the early monster attacks in SuperS. Their screams were one thing but then they had the weird blush thing going on too with the villain inside of them it was horrible. It could’ve been done in a much different way and well they did eventually with the quartet and using the billiard ball to extract the dream mirror, but the Amazon Trio’s violating penetration was the worst.”


11) I didn’t want to know this much


The Amazonness Quartet didn’t really have much as an impact as villains and their designs are questionable. I have the 6th art book which is concept art and designs, and those little girls did NOT wear tights. It was a lot of nearly peeking V and it makes me question Naoko’s sensibilities when it comes to children and nudity.”


10) She just has a lot of feelings


“Unpopular opinion, but Usagi was a whiny little brat; thank goodness for Luna and Artemis, saving her derrière all the time.”


9) And you thought boots were hard to fight in


This isn’t something I necessarily dislike, but how did Sailor Galaxia convince those beautiful women in the Animamates team that their fighting costumes were going to be lingerie? Was it some sort of dominance over them? Is it some kind of sexual liberation? Is Galaxia queer and rocking her fetish at the forefront? What is happening here?!?!”


8) Mistress 9? More like Mistress Sixty…I’ll stop


When in doubt, turn Chibiusa and Hotaru into sexy adult villains for a single episode. It always trips me out how aggressively some people cling to Black Lady and Mistress 9 as their favorite villains. They didn’t do anything!”


7) Gives new meaning to Palla-Palla’s Ball Binding Attack…


“So…is Chibiusa gonna bang that horse, or what?”


6) Why do you have to make doushin and fan fiction do all the work?


“It makes me sad that none of the inner senshi got to explore relationships of their own during the manga or anime. They were slaves to the Miracle Romance. At least they had personalities pre-Crystal.”


5) Not an attack to scream at the park


“It’s been 24 years since the end of Sailor Stars and Naoko Takeuchi still won’t admit that she goofed it when she came up with Star Gentle Uterus. Come on, you didn’t have a single English speaking friend or acquaintance you could have run that by? No one at Toei could have paused for a second and seen if that one went well with test audiences? It’s comically embarrassing and completely takes even more away from Taiki/Star Maker, who is unfortunately a fairly disliked character. Although I personally adore Taiki!”


4) Wait, who voted you guys in?


That Neo Tokyo immortal shit makes zero fucking sense. Get it straight, guys—is it reincarnation or immortality? Is this a dictatorship or a democracy? I’m so confused.”


3) Sailor ZzzzzzzzZzzzz


“I love that Naoko Takeuchi managed to find a way to bring Minako Aino/Sailor V back into the Sailor Moon universe, but can we just agree that a Japanese girl living in England who transforms for no reason and helps the police is just the most boring hook?


2) All Rich and Grown Up and No Fashion to Turn To


Mamoru is a shit boyfriend and a bad dresser. Does it really add to the character to make him so grossly rich? The stereo system, the motorcycles, the fancy cars and posh apartment. What in the world is happening here? He looks about 25 in the anime and it’s so gross that this millionaire has a child girlfriend. He also has a  weak spirit that’s constantly being kidnapped and brainwashed– it makes me question his ability to be a partner.”


1) But isn’t this what all rich teenagers do?


I’m sorry, the Haruka and Michiru helicopter is just the dumbest shit.”



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