Boba Fett is in Quarantine (and he’s reading Original Bedtime Stories to your kids)

Quarantine sure brings out some interesting aspects of our personality, doesn’t it?

Boba T. Fett, intergalactic bounty hunter known best for looking awesome and falling into a sand pit has returned to…write bedtime stories for your kids. That’s right, while the rest of us in pop culture land are freaking out over the brooding, mysterious Mando from the Disney+ smash hit show The Mandalorian, The Fettmaster wants to help your kids…go to freakin’ sleep. He created a YouTube channel called HanginWithBoba, and there, you can listen to his Star Wars inspired original stories, fables, and tales.

His flagship story Goodnight Alderaan is a sweet, and touching bedtime story praising the rise of the Galactic Empire and celebrates the destruction of Alderaan with melodic tones, a soothing voice, and hilarious original illustrations. See your favorite characters as never before in this new series of stories, written and read by Boba T. Fett himself. Subscribe to Boba Fett’s YouTube channel for more Bedtime Stories, coming soon in this series!

Note this is a non-profit “For-Fans, by Fans” fan-fiction love letter to Star Wars that is intended to entertain you and your kids. Star Wars is a registered trademark of Disney and LucasArts, to which its characters, settings, and lore are wholly owned. 


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