We Created a Logo with Looka’s Graphic Design A.I. and the Results were Ridiculously Hilarious

We tested out WordPress’ automated A.I. logo generator Looka to see if it could make a new and exciting logo for PopLurker– spoiler, it didn’t.

Welcome to PopLurker, where the only times I have all the answers is when it suits my narrative. And you know, I’m a firm believer in humility, flexibility, and the capacity to self examine and learn new things. Which is why for today’s lesson in evolution, we are discussing logos.

Sure, I admit, the PopLurker logo isn’t perfect and has capacity to shift into something else. Why the hell not, right? I’ll look at new concepts for it all day, every day.

PopLurker logo version 1, 2018
Current PopLurker logo, 2019-2020

In spite of not being perfect, I like the PopLurker logo. My husband (who is not a graphic designer, but an artist) designed it based on my request to have a logo inspired by the artwork on the Crossfire board game. I’ve had other people approach me to change it, send me some samples, and nothing produced (up to this point) has appealed to me. I’m excited for the day something does, but as of this writing, it just hasn’t happened.

I got caught up in it.

So, when WordPress touted that its new A.I. system, Looka, could produce a logo for my Garbage Person brand, my attention was cynically piqued. Looka is an automated graphic design A.I. that attempts to generate a company logo for you based on a few clicks. Not only does this completely disrespect the idea that graphic design is an art and talent (because believe me, it is), but it was also wrong as hell. The results were freakin’ horrible. They were so embarrassing and comical that it inspired me to write a damn article. Because laughing is cool as shit.

I don’t know what the hell this is going on about, but I sure do like pretty rainbows

Now look, sure, this PopLurker website is created and curated via WordPress. And you know what, there might be plenty of HTML and code/script web designers that might scoff and that and think I’m a pussy. And maybe I am, but you know what, this is the same format as my old Live Journal account from 1998 and I loved that thing until it imploded in 2005 or whatever. Human talent is an amazing thing and auto-generated things will always have limitations. But in the case of the steaming dook logos Looka generated for me, these logos weren’t even functional.

But at least we’ll have a laugh– let’s get started!

1) Start by telling Looka a little bit about your website

Screenshot 2020-05-16 12.17.05
Love you, fam

2) Pick 5 or More Preexisting Logos you like

Screenshot 2020-05-16 12.17.18
Unfortunately “I hate them all” is not an option


3) Choose your color scheme

Screenshot 2020-05-16 12.18.06
And watch the A.I. ignore every color you choose


4) Click some circles

Screenshot 2020-05-16 12.19.00
I hope you don’t have trypophobia.


5) Select some Windows 95 Clip Art

Screenshot 2020-05-16 12.19.17
The future is now


6) Let Looka get to know you better

Screenshot 2020-05-16 13.11.19
Is there a “filthy fan fiction ships” option?


And in six easy steps, you have…a whole lot of “Wow…none of these logos work”. 

Have you ever seen failure so many times in a row? It’s like looking at yourself in a skin you don’t recognize– it’s the uncanny valley and nothing here is correct. I feel violated, like nothing I said to Looka mattered. I had aptly described the creative majesty that is my website, its mission statement, what we believe in and stand for, my preferred color scheme…and like a shot through the heart, none of it mattered.

In all playfulness, this article is meant to be a funny and lighthearted one. But somewhere in here, there’s a serious conversation. With art, you get what you pay for. Quite often in this pop culture writing sphere, I see many people with “ideas” that want artists to supply their talents for free. I’ve been asked (less and less these days, thankfully) to write anything from a paragraph to an entire movie script for free. Friends of mine in the animation field are constantly asked to animate anywhere from seconds to minutes of original animation for free, and my graphic designer friends are also asked to give away their creations for free.

I’m not trying to sounds preachy– hell, if you’re in the creative field, you know this game well. But what I am saying is that with a little budgeting, respect for artistic talent/experience, your brand is worth having a logo that you like and also suits its needs and agenda. You deserve to work with an artist that has a keen eye, but also listens to what you want.

Because for the billionth time, Looka– I clicked blue, yellow, and orange for eff’s sake.


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