Fans Recall Seeing Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith in Theaters (And Whether or Not it Holds Up)

All right Lurkers, it’s time for a Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith’s 15th Anniversary social experiment.

Since I (the unquestioned Liege and Monarch of PopLurker) took the opportunity to recount my relationship with Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith in Internet Article form, it was time for Social Experiment #2, The Reckoning.

Sexy, right?

For me, it was really important to take a minute to hear everyone else’s Revenge of the Sith thoughts and memories. At this point in time, we are so far away from the Star Wars prequels; I’m sure that all of us remember when they were newly released in theaters. (Remember movie theaters?)

Being that we are in a post-sequels world at this point (time moves so fast, it’s frightening), I thought it would be interesting for people that are not me who are Star Wars fans (IE: everyone in the world) to reflect on a few Revenge of the Sith related questions. Namely…

1. What were your expectations going into the film?

2. What were your thoughts coming out of the movie?

3. How does Revenge of the Sith hold up for you in retrospect?

Therefore, I asked PopLurker Readers to share their experiences on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and these were some of the answers we got back! Enjoy, have fun, agree to disagree, and remember…

You’re so beautiful.



“The Poster basically SPOILERS the whole movie.”


maxresdefault (1)

“I remember remarking that it was easily the best of the prequels and being thoroughly satisfied with how it ended, thinking that it was a solid foundation connecting to A New Hope. And loving dark Anakin, being surprised that he was called Darth Vader before he put on the suit.”



“I saw it twice in 24 hours. I loved it. I think the Genndy cartoon got me fired up for Grievous and he kind of gets the short end of the stick, but aside from that I bought into it 100% at the time. Lucas eff’d up so royally on 1 and 2 there was no way this couldn’t get the job done.”


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“This is the only prequel trilogy movie I remember seeing in theaters, and I remember being so impressed with how it tied the two trilogies together. The effects and fights were amazing. I remember our theatre applauding when Yoda Force pushes aside Palpatine’s two guards! I’m not the biggest fan of the new trilogy, but the echoes of Anakin and his descent are def there in Kylo. If anything, the new trilogy makes me appreciate the camp and melodrama of the prequel one, for all its (many) flaws! I love the tragedy and yes, the politics. There’s a bit too much politics, but in retrospect I like the context and commentary it offers (and obvious nods to the ever-relevant fall of Rome). The new trilogy offers great new characters, but much less context/stakes, especially versus the prequel trilogy.”


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“Aw, fuck. They got me again…”



“I saw this in theaters like 9 times because I couldn’t decide if I liked it or not. As of now, I think of it as the least-worst prequel.”



“Then: “Well that was very weird & random really bloody long, but I’m excited to see where it takes the series in the future.” Now: “I can’t watch this movie anymore cause hearing Jar Jar makes me wanna drill a hole through my head, but hey, THAT lightsaber duel is still badass.”


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“Then: It’s a great film that provided closure to the Star Wars Saga, even w/ its pacing problems & forced ending. Now: Out of the 3 prequel films, this one that still holds up. It is the perfect end to the prequels & one of the darkest Star Wars films in terms of theme.”


Evolution of the Helmet | Star Wars Amino

“Leaving the theatre after my first of what became five viewings of Star Wars RotS: Haunted by the sound of Vader’s first breaths in the mask; realizing his fall coincided with his children’s birth. Wow.”



“I remember loving the snot out of it. Then I fell out of love with it for a few years, but then I watched it again before Rise of Skywalker and was like “oh, I remember why this was a good fun time!” So I love it again. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time.”



“I was very disappointed that it didn’t show JarJar as working with Palpatine all along.”



“At first I figured if it really tied up Anakin’s story well, it would save the prequel trilogy for me. It failed. The “Anakin had a nightmare” plot device did whatever the opposite is of redeeming those movies for me. Nowadays I view them as that time they tried to make prequels.”



“I thought it was the better of all the prequels (a pretty low bar to begin with), but wondered why Anakin didn’t hate sand as much as he hated daycare centers.”



“That’s the most Star Warsy movie of the three. Too bad there won’t be any more… it felt like they were finally starting to find their groove.”



“I loved the beginning of the movie and the the end of the movie, I kind of forgot what happened in the middle”



“The fight between Obi Wan and Anakin was the best saber battle in all Star Wars.”



“First impressions, from a fan since 1977.
1: the lightsaber duel was great.
2: the Emporor’s rise made no sense. So many things would have had to fall into place, and don’t give me that “I have foreseen it” crap.
3: Natalie Portman had three movies to get better, she didn’t.
4: Hayden Christensen was so much better than in Ep II.
5. It tied up its own loose ends fittingly.
6. Definitely better than Ep II or I.”



“In spite of its flaws, I genuinely love this movie. It’s not perfect, but when it gets dark, it gets DARK. Ewan McGregor carries all 3 prequels on his back, but he really brings his A-Game to ROTS. As for Hayden Christensen, the venom in him when he screams “I hate you!” at Obi-Wan as he’s pouring out his heartbreak towards Anakin… I wish there was more of that level of emotion in all ends of the spectrum from his performance. No matter what, its still my second favorite Star Wars movie behind Empire Strikes Back.”



“I’m in the minority of people my age (46) who prefer the prequel trilogy to the originals. I was thoroughly entertained by all three of them but Sith in particular had some of the best Star Wars stuff we’ve ever seen. The Obi Wan/Anakin lightsaber duel was the best of any SW film, although Kenobi/Jinn/Maul is a CLOSE second. The drama is there, the comic relief… this movie was firing on all cylinders.”



“I remember feeling like it was easily the best of the three movies, and even liked it a little better than Jedi, but I could not wrap my head around why he waited until the very end of the trilogy to have him turn to Vader. At the time, I was really hoping the trilogy would feature not just the creation of Vader, but his rise to power. We are getting those stories in the comics now. Still remember the horrible love dialogue between Anakin and Padme though and hated it then, still hate it now.”



“I remember thinking it was very Shakespearean ( the Emperor worked Anakin’s emotions the way Iago worked Othello’s ). I also recall thinking there was absolutely no chemistry between Anakin and Padme, and I loathed the way the fiery and independent Padme became a stereotypical woman, pleading with her man. Fortunately later female characters like Leia and Rey maintained their dignity, strength and independent spirit throughout their stories. Oh, the film also has a biblical aspect with the killing of the younglings. ( Sort of like Herod slaughtering the innocents ).



“I remember really liking it and feeling that they could have just skipped the first 2 films and made this one as it’s the one where all the important things actually happen.

I still like it although I still don’t buy the “she died of a broken heart” thing, understand how Leia can possibly recall Padme, or understand how nobody was aware that she was carrying twins when they have advanced technology and people who are able to psychically sense the presence of life.

As it compares to the sequel trilogy, it’s better. Although the acting in the sequel trilogy is better and the films are crafted competently enough, they are terribly derivative. The prequels has many, many flaws, but at least they gave us something different. The sequel trilogy couldn’t even be bothered to give us anything but slightly tweaked versions of the X-Wing (ripped off from unused McQuarrie designs) and TIE fighters whereas the prequels give us a variety of completely new and original vehicles in each film. The prequels dared to give us new things which we may someday feel nostalgic about, whereas the sequels just trade on existing nostalgia with ruthless devotion. The prequels tell us a new story, the sequels just tell us a variation on the same story, but with new players.”


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