22 Favorite Items We Can’t Find in Our COVID-19 Affected World

COVID-19 related shortages–we’ve survived shortages of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other necessities that disappeared off the shelves (due to panic buying or legitimate shortages, for the sake of this piece, it doesn’t really matter. Go to Forbes if you want that information, here we’re Lurking).

But now, we are going to lighten the topic. Thus, PopLurker asked its readers via Twitter “What are some of the strangest items you’ve had trouble getting in the past year?”

For me, it’s diet cream soda and fresh chicken wings. God, how I miss A&W Diet Cream soda and freely buying fresh chicken wings. Only one store across town has them and I have to make a special trip every few weeks in order to indulge.

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Comment below– what are some of your beloved items you’ve had trouble procuring over the past year?

PopLurker Readers via Twitter:

“Good call on the diet cream soda. Mine has been the GI Joe Classifieds Cobra Island from Target. Such a hard “necessity” to find.”

“Sex Toys”

“Pasta and diced tomatoes”

“RC Cola comes and goes in my area so I don’t get it often.”

“Coke Zero cherry. It’s been gone for 10 months due to production changes.”

“Chicken Ala King, Raspberry Peace Tea, Blue Game Fuel, Raspberry Kickstart, canned Pedigree dog food without gravy.

“Just vegetables in general. Went to tons of places trying to get broccoli the other week and nowhere had any… Possibly Brexit related.”

“Dr Pepper. It’s like a game now when my husband makes grocery runs to see if it’s stocked or not.”

“Fresca. Still can’t find it.”

“Canned tomatoes and ranch style beans.”

“Small, snack-size bags of Lays Sour Cream and Onion. Somehow I can get every other flavour of Lays in a snack size bag… but not sour cream and onion.”

“Alfredo sauce Like wtf it’s sold out everywhere still.”

“Bike Tires.. I couldn’t believe it when our local bike shop laughed at the idea of me walking in to get some new tires for my son’s bike. I got put on a waiting list.”

“Hot Links were all gone at Costco.”

“Oven cleaner”

“Hahaha for me was foam, plastic plates for some reason they were out all the time. Seem like everyone didn’t want to wash dishes during the pandemic last year or they’re having low key parties all the time.”

“Coincidentally, Schweppes brown cream soda. It’s easily the best cream soda yet it is becoming more and more scarce.”

“Decent toys in the shops in Scotland…”

“Diet Dr. Pepper with Cream Soda has been particularly tricky to find. I guess “G.I. Joes” is the easy answer.”

“As a mom, it had been very hard (and still can be at times) to find things like Spaghetti O’s and pizza Lunchables. The things all my kids love to eat.”

“Cream soda Dr. Pepper. Can find the bottles at the gas station. Couldn’t find cans anywhere. Some how scored a case 2 weeks ago. Not since.”

“BBQ charcoal”

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