Today’s Character Lurk: Mister Smee as he packs a boat for Hook’s failure

Hello Lurkers! Are you ready for a laugh and a lurk? Because today on PopLurker, we are gearing up a new segment called “Today’s Character Lurk”, where we zero in on a specific character moment within a pop culture franchise. And today, we are kicking off our lurking with Smee from Disney’s Peter Pan. But not just Smee from Disney’s Peter Pan, but the moment where he is actively bustling around and preparing for Captain Hook’s failure.

Let me preface with stating that god damn, I love Peter Pan. The story in all of its incarnation is just delightful. But what I think is especially amusing about the Disney version is the dichotomy and role switching that occurs between Captain Hook and Mister Smee.

I’m not sure who the creator of the above image is, but they’re completely wrong. Kind and loyal sidekick? You’re on drugs, Mister Smee is a total two faced schmuck. He’s a total thief and not especially bright. As for comic relief, yes sure he is, but Captain Hook is ass over teakettle fuck-hilarious. Captain Hook is all physical comedy in his morose monologues, vocal delivery, and screaming terror while he escapes the crocodile. Believe me, Hook brings plenty of comic relief of his own. In fact, what makes Hook and Smee such a great duo is their “passing the flag” sort of back and forth. And one of the best character moments I’ve ever seen in pop culture comes while Hook is on one of his rambling tirades.

Like a UFC face off moment where the two fighters are shit talking and posing for the cameras with their fists up, Captain Hook and Peter Pan are going on during the film’s climax about all of the nasty things they’re going to do to each other. Swords and daggers are out, they’re perking their feathers for each other, yelling to each other to fight like a man, and many more colorful examples.

And meanwhile, over there in the corner… Mister Smee is packing the rowboat, preparing for Hook’s inevitable failure. This. Moment. Here. Right freakin’ here, this moment says it all. It is so subtle, so perfect, so deeply hilarious without saying a word, that Today’s Character Lurk goes to Mister Smee.

This moment is absolutely perfect. It’s completely silent on Smee’s part, with barely a facial expression on his face where he packs up the boat, knowing that by the end of this fight it will be his job to whisk the wounded Hook away off their own pirate ship to go into hiding to heal for a while before “all this happens again”.

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