Today’s Character Lurk: Tuxedo Mask Singing ‘Miracle Twister’

Throughout the 90s, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon was a worldwide phenomena. We had the original anime, theatrically released movies, merchandise, apparel, and stage musicals. Known as Sera Myu, these musicals toured Japan from 1993-2004 before going on hiatus and returning around 2015ish as pretty models in costumes with no catchy songs or men playing any roles. And while there were many great and memorable actors who played Tuxedo Mask throughout the shows’ runs, we are celebrating Yuuta Enomoto as Tuxedo Mask singing “Miracle Twister” in the sixth Sailor Moon stage musical entitled Shin Densetsu Kourin.

First off– holy shit, this song. It’s melodically perfect for a Tuxedo Mask song. The second best one is “Prince of the Earth”, which I believe came from the 12th musical in 2004, and the third best one is “And Believe in All” from the seventh musical. Also, this song and sequence is a pivotal moment in Sailor Moon canon because…

The face of a girl whose boyfriend just came back from the dead… singing.

One– Tuxedo Mask just came back from the dead.

Two– Tuxedo Mask has healing powers that can also bring people back from the dead. (or at least this was how I interpreted this scene when I was it back in 2000 in raw Japanese without subtitles).

He is like, so cool and questionably mortal

Three– He almost, almost evokes an expression from Fumina Hara, the second actress who played Sailor Moon in the stage musicals who was beautiful and sweet but a little…wooden.

Let’s go back to Yuuta Enomoto as Tuxedo Mask. This guy is just cool as shit. While the promo material took pictures of him looking like this:

By the time the Shin Densetsu Kourin Summer Revision Musical came out, homeboy had bleached his hair, brushed the chip crumbs off his costume, and was dancing around looking like this:

Blonde Tuxedo Mask. We have our first blonde Tuxedo Mask, a sort of casual and apathetic bad boy, and he has so much command that no one in the room is even going to comment on it. Enomoto was no stranger to the Sera Myu universe– in the third stage musical (which was a SuperS story) he played (the voice of) Pegasus, who at the time was represented by a sort of holographic spotlight. In that show, he sang a… quartet… alongside Chibiusa, Sailor Moon, and Tuxedo Mask (played by the always wonderful and irreplaceable Yuuta Mochizuki in that show.

So, we knew that Yuuta Enomoto had a beautiful voice. But in the sixth musical, Shin Densetsu Kourin, we learned that he had magical swagger powers, the ability to raise the dead, and the ability to evoke smirks in Fumina Hara as Sailor Moon.

No one’s acting is this good. She wants to touch his Tuxedo Cane

Yeah…she’ll make that Tuxedo La Smoking Bomber activate real good.

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