Drop Dead Fred vs. Vision: Who is the better imaginary friend?

The series finale of WandaVision aired last week, and all together, we as a people of nerdy folks who like cool stories experienced a wave of sadness. Not just for the fact that without The Mandalorian and WandaVision we have nothing to watch for a little while, but because we felt the feels alongside Wanda Maximoff, aka The Scarlet Witch. We’re mourning the loss of the family she created for herself inside her TV airwaves Truman Show Pleasantville broadcast inside the seemingly abandoned town of Westview, NJ. But one thing, one theme, was abundantly clear the entire time.

Vision, who was once alive and Wanda’s main squeeze, exists in WandaVision in the form of her memories. Fandom justification for convenience translation: Vision is Wanda’s Imaginary Friend.

As a grown adult loss in the realm of my own childhood obsessions and nostalgia, my mind traveled back to the 90s which was the home of my absolute favorite Imaginary Friend of all time: Drop Dead Fred played by the irreplaceable British National Treasure Rik Mayall, who is sadly no longer with us on this desolate planet.

With that, I couldn’t help but see the parallel between these two Imaginary Friends. British accents? Check. Red hair (and red face in Vision’s case). Check. Wildly sexy?


Since this a pop culture fandom discussion we’re having, we can’t simply draw parallels between the two characters and be done with it. No, we have to get annoying! Which is why today on PopLurker, it’s the Battle of the Besties, the showdown of the Invisible Imaginaries, and the Fight between the Fred and The Vision!

And I just have to add this little quip:

Rik Mayall + Alexander Skarsgard = Paul Bettany. Think about it for a while.

Who has the better Imaginary Friend Antics?

This one hands down goes to Fred. Between the dog poo, the mess in the dining room, sinking your best friend’s house boat, and having a whole group of imaginary friends to drive you nuts, Fred is the clear victor in the fun department. But if you just want to like, have cool imaginary sex and raise some kids together, Vision has that ready for you.,

Who will play dress up with you better?

For this one, Vision is the winner. But let’s take a moment to note the matching red, green, and yellow motifs. While Drop Dead Fred’s default look is lots of fun and he clearly likes to dress up as a pirate, a corporate employee, and fancy preppy party date, Vision will travel through the decades with you like those vintage Tik Tok couples with all the millions of followers the kids are so fond of. Also, Fred will always steal the spotlight, Vision will make sure that since he’s your imaginary friend, that you have complimentary costumes at all times. Plus he has that intense gaze and Darling combo that’s pretty cool.

Who has the more insane charge?

This one is tough, but it might have to go to Wanda, which means it goes to Vision. At the end of it, she’s seen more shit, plus she has that whole dealing with magic powers and great responsibility thing that has evaded Lizzy. That said, everyone around Lizzy treats her like she’s insane, whereas everyone around Wanda treats her like she’s dangerous. Within that danger, people are not sure if Wanda will snap and what exactly that would look like. With Lizzy, she has a big imagination and yes, she’s a little immature. But her mom, husband, best friend, and childhood best friend (to a lesser extent) all treat her like she’s seconds away from the asylum. The only person who lets Lizzy be her authentic and most fun self is in fact Drop Dead Fred.

Who gets the better Real Boy ending?

This one is another tie for me. Vision straddles the line of sentience, and once this version of himself knows what’s going on, he somewhat transcends into a Real Boy when he Ship of Theseuses himself into White Vision’s mind. Meanwhile, Fred brings Lizzy into his Tim Burton dream world to show her that she has herself now and no longer needs him. Both of these women want their Imaginary Friend to stay with them, to come back with them. For what is grief, if not love persevering, you know? The twist for both of these characters is, again, Vision implanting himself into White Vision for future use and Fred slipping away from Lizzy, but implanting himself into her boyfriend’s daughter for…you guessed it…future use?

Who has the better British accent and strawberry blonde hair?

It’s a tie– Rik Mayall and Paul Bettany are treasures and you will not make me choose. I mean, if we have to like, get blindfolded and have one of them whisper things into one ear and the other whisper things inot the other ear just to make sure this content goes off without a hitch, I suppose it is the duty of the Lurker to play fairly in this pop culture war. Ah, the things we do for love.

So, who is the winner?

By the absolutely slimmest margin, the winner is Vision. And that’s only because it’s in canon that he’s a devoted and loving guy so it’s not weird if you…you know, wanna bang that. If you admit that once you grow up and become curious about the goofy wild madness that is Fred, people look at you funny.

Believe me, I know from experience.

Thanks for playing, Lurkers!

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