Loryn Stone


36430072_10216376817642121_4464661724447899648_n.jpgLoryn is the site owner, content designer, and Executive Editor of PopLurker. She has dedicated her life to the written Word of the Nerd. If it doesn’t have a byline here or the humor is pervy, it means she wrote it. Her writing has also been published on other pop culture websites such as Cracked, LoadScreen, Nerdbot, and Temple of Geek.

Her debut young adult novel “My Starlight” (a contemporary queer love letter to fandom, friendship, anime, cosplaying, love, and loss) is out now by Affinity Rainbow Publications. When she’s not writing, Loryn’s other interests include collecting robots (Megazords, specifically), playing bass, and blasting metal.

You can find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.