PopLurker Interviews: Dumbgood Apparel at Designer-Con 2018

PopLurker attends many a convention. One of the best aspects of shows is not only taking pictures of the things I love, but also trying to scope out artists, music, and brands that I think readers would find interesting. I get reached out to by brands and clothing lines on the regular, and while I may find their quality good or their aesthetic attractive, I don’t often try to push that onto my Lurker Loves unless I think it’s something you beauties might appreciate on a deeper level.

Enter Dumbgood at Designer-Con 2018 and their new Cowboy Bebop inspired clothing line. (Gallery of the clothing line at the bottom of the page)

Not only are these products 100% licensed which means all creatives involved are getting paid for their work (which is super important to me in making sure artists are paid), but some of these new pieces are seriously awesome. And if you could have seen the Dumbgood booth at Designer-Con 2018! It was set up just like a little Japanese corner store. Definitely one of my favorites at the show!

I hung out with Dumbgood’s marketing coordinator, Price, for a quick PopLurker interview to learn more about their apparel and whose idea it was for a Cowboy Bebop clothing line. Check out our conversation below, because it was a seriously fun chat!

Hey Price! Thank you for giving PopLurker this interview! We’re excited to feature Dumbgood’s apparel on the site. You guys have a bunch of really nice anime attire. So tell us, are you the Dumbgood dude?

Hi! Justin is the owner and I’m the marketing coordinator. I make sure the booth looks great and we have the auxiliary needed to run this brand.  I make sure we’re at all of the coolest events possible.

How long has Dumbgood been officially up and running?
We’ve been running for almost three years. Three years this March.

How has the response to the company and products been?

The response has been great! Totally fantastic. Before we started doing the anime collection that we have here at Designer-Con here today, we actually had a VHS collection. All the stuff we grew up watching and playing; we used video games as well. It’s a higher quality merchandise, honestly, more so than a lot of the pop culture merchandise you see out there. It’s 100% licensed and official and all of the creators are involved.

What inspired you guys to go after the Cowboy Bebop license? Who at Dumbgood is the big fan that decided to try to make that happen?

It was me. The second I started working with Dumbgood, I suggested that we do a Cowboy Bebop line. It ties into some of the VHS stuff we did with our last line and some of our Tarantino products. When we did VHS, we wanted the best of the best of VHS products. Therefore, I knew that if we were going to do anime, we had to do the best anime. Cowboy Bebop was not only my introduction to anime, but it’s also the show I’ve watched all the way through probably ten times. And I really can’t say that about any other anime. Bebop is just one of those shows that I can constantly revisit, have on in the background, and appreciate something new about it every time. From the art, to the music, every aspect of Bebop is just really well done.

What is your personal relationship with nerd culture and fandom prior to coming on board with Dumbgood?

It’s funny that you ask that, because I love answering questions like this with something my mom says to me. Every time she sees me, she says, ‘Price, I didn’t know that all of your obsessive TV watching as a kid would actually get you a job someday.’ I grew up consuming as much content as possible. Watching anime, watching movies, playing video games, on the internet, just constantly consuming. I walked backwards into this job. I went to Dallas for school and just happened to cross paths with the guys at Dumbgood. They put a lot of trust in me and it’s been a dream job.

On a personal level, what are some interests and hobbies you have that might surprise someone who knows you as an anime/video game/movie watcher?

This is controversial within the anime community. But it’s got to be Avatar: The Last Airbender.

It’s the best show ever!

It really is the best show ever! It’s totally perfect television. In America, there’s this conversation on whether or not it’s anime because it was made in America, and so on. But in Japan, they don’t have that conversation. It’s animated in the style and the way the story is told fits within the greater culture. I’m holding out judgment on the new live action Netflix show because the people involved seem to be coming from a well-meaning place and the show runners are involved, but we’ll see what happens when it eventually drops and how they expand on those Nickelodeon adventures.

It actually ties into the merchandise here at Dumbgood. What one franchise can we take and what kind of merchandise can we extrapolate from it? We have the slides and the bag, which I never take off.

Which actually nails something on the head of why I’m so into this Cowboy Bebop clothing line. I adore the 70s sensibilities. I know Bebop takes place in the future, but it feels like something cool with a vintage style. Also, I really wanted PopLurker readers to get exposed to these items. Your booth set up and everything here is really so amazing. Dumbgood has some really great products!

And honestly, that means so much to us. Every time I hear that reaction, it just makes me so happy. And thankfully, I hear that reaction a lot. Dumbgood makes things that we all personally here want to have and want to wear, so we’re just glad the people out there are into what we’re doing too. I just can’t believe that it’s my job to come to these conventions, to come to these shows, and really…make friends. I get to talk to people about Cowboy Bebop, talk to people about anime, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

How many shows per year does Dumbgood go to and where can we find you next?

We just finished ComplexCon and Agenda Festival and we’re moving into more shows next year. I can’t reveal anything else yet, but if you just follow us @Dumbgood on Instagram, we’re constantly announcing new products and shows we’ll be at all the time. And keep your eyes out for our newest product, which is a line of hoodies with the embroidered 90s Nickelodeon logo on it. Things like Clarissa Explains it All, Good Burger, Rugrats.

Just get the SNICK logo with the couch embroidered on something and I’ll never take it off.

That’s actually a really good suggestion. I’ll pass that along.

You know…it’s how we Lurkers lurk.

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