Power Rangers Fans Can Now Spend Money With Their Power Rangers Debit Card

Card.com, the sneaky little devils that make us think that pop culture vanity credit cards are a good idea, have found the perfect way to reel in Power Rangers fans and collectors. The makers of that sexy, seductive plastic has revealed sixty-six new card designs all adorned with more Power Rangers card art than any of us know what to do with.

On the real, I didn’t know I needed sixty-six debit cards, but apparently I do. But wait…there’s got to be some weird condition for a deal this amazing, right? Exactly– this card is so good, so what are the drawbacks?

The truth of the situation, friends is that this is a pre paid card preying on the collectors. They have very high fee rates. You are warned. If you want or need a pre paid card your local bank or better yet get a credit union can take care of you and it will help out your credit. They know that and get the flashy cards you want so here we are right.

As I already got a G.I. JOE card I will tell you what you don’t see. Monthly maintenance is $9.95 a month unless you deposit $1000 a month. So unless you are banking a grand a month and using it you lose ten bucks right there. On top of that ATM fees are $3.00 each time plus the atm fee they charge you that can be almost a total of $10 to take out $20 when you do the math. On top of that a buck to check your balance. Cash reload putting money on the card is also $5.95. There is a lot of strings attached to having that very nice picture on your card.

What can I do if just can’t live without that card? Easy check your bank, sometimes they will let you download your own art. Can’t do that and still need that MMPR green ranger card by bank of Zordon, you know the unseen fees–now go ahead. May the Lack of Bank fees protect you.

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