Artist Spotlight Submissions


PopLurker is re-opening for original content submissions on a limited basis. Remember, PopLurker is a one-woman labor of love show by self-declared funny person Loryn Stone.  Therefore, if your material doesn’t work for the site, you know who to yell at. Also, because PopLurker is a labor of love, there is no budget for payment. But you know you want to be featured here because we’re family and we love each other, damn it.

Artist Spotlight Submissions can be made to

What I am looking for:

  • I am looking for YOU! Are you a pop culture artist who wants their material seen by new eyes? Then send it my way! Email PopLurker with a few images of your art and if I think it works for the site, I’ll send you some questions about yourself and where you sell your art. Whether its the convention circuit, flea markets, or an Etsy page, I want to interview and show case you!
  • Independent comic book artists! I would love the chance to read and review your comic book. Honest and respectful feedback is hard to get, but I would love the chance to give your work fresh eyes. Reviews are important when you’re trying to make sales!
  • Photographers who indulge in nerdy material! This can be anything from cosplay photographers or people who take pictures of the stars. Sci-Fi is sexy!
  • I would love the opportunity to showcase awesome toy collections as well. If you have a super rad toy collection of any sort, I’d love to show off pictures of it and interview you as well.

I’ll repeat that I’m keeping submissions for new material limited. I don’t want to manage writers or have PopLurker be a collective again. I tried that and the results were very stressful. But I also don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to Lurk new and amazing things.

Thank you for the opportunity to see your work. I never take it lightly.

Lurk you soon.

-Loryn Stone-