Writers’ Submissions


PopLurker is re-opening for original content submissions on a limited basis. Remember, PopLurker is a one-woman labor of love show by self-declared funny person Loryn Stone.  Therefore, if your material doesn’t work for the site, you know who to yell at. Also, because PopLurker is a labor of love, there is no budget for payment. But you know you want to be featured here because we’re family and we love each other, damn it.

Writers’ Submissions can be made to PopLurker@gmail.com

If you wish to have your writing featured on PopLurker (which I thank you for in advance because that’s awfully generous of you), you can go ahead and send me your completed article, column, listicle (best/worst/top something). I will read it and let you know whether or not I think it will work for PopLurker. If it doesn’t don’t give up– just send it to another Nerdy Niche site until your work is accepted. It’s that simple.

I am not looking to be an editor anymore, nor do I want to manage writers. This is not Cracked.com and I will not have endless pitching sessions where we go back and forth to “shape” your article. No– you write the best thing you can based on the topic that interests you. I will love it and publish it and brag to my platform that an amazing and talented writer was kind enough to allow me the pleasure of getting to read their work. Simple and mutually beneficial.

So, what am I looking for?

Anything with heart and a nerdy edge, really. Dirty jokes and pervert humor is welcome here, too. Come on– we’re Lurkers. Let’s get weird.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Movies
  • Television
  • Video Games
  • Cartoons
  • Anime
  • Books
  • Reviews (of any of the above)
  • News (of any of the above)
  • And as always, I love a good surprise

Thank you for trusting me with your words.

-Loryn Stone-